Behind the Scenes – this is what it looks like behind the scenes of my photo shoots

In my photography, of course, not only the model is accompanied by a professional camera, but also the entire project itself, if desired. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes shots and videos, you can follow the complete development of an entire photo production in the Esslingen photo studio or anywhere on location and get interesting and personal insights into the work of models, hair & makeup, styling and me as a photographer.

In my fashion photography you will see how unique and extravagant fashion photos were created and which tasks with difficulties to be solved we had to face with the sometimes unusual outfits.

In beauty and portrait photography, special attention is paid to the partially unusual make-up and extravagant hairstyles of the models. As an experienced photographer, I take the best and ideal photos of the face, depending on the customer’s requirements and objectives.

In advertising photography, I have worked with various large companies and found a way to represent the team and project in the best possible way in the photos.

It is similar with product photography – here the pure product is illuminated and photographed in style or, as a professional advertising and product photographer, I have to find the perfect interplay between the model and this product.