“Photography is like writing with light, like making music with colours, painting with time and seeing with love.“ (Almut Adler)


Have you ever wondered what is probably the most important tool of a photographer? Without a camera he is not able to take a picture and without the correct use of lighting everything seems bland and boring. But the photographers most important tool are his eyes. They put the picture in the right light, the model or the object in the appropriate position and only the eyes can know when everything is perfect to press the button. Only through their efforts, made up of memories, experiences and imagination, arises what we see at the end. And when the eyes of the viewer actually get stuck for a while on the photo, then a good image is created!
With my blog I want to take you with me into the world of my photography. As a highly experienced photographer, I had the opportunity to shoot for a variety of genres: fashion, beauty, advertising, lifestyle, stills, documentations and events are part of my realm of experience. On my website you can get an idea of my style. There you will also see that my art is all about people. For me, people are fascinating because they reflect what we call feeling. Only by a glance, by an action or a smile we bring across a movement, an emotion. In Latin movement means “Motio”. Thus we are in motion and we are emotional beings. To perfectly reproduce movement and feeling in one click, this challenge has always fascinated me.

On this blog I would like to keep you up to date about: Current projects, shootings, experiences, funny incidents, technical information and generally report about the world behind the lens, thus from the world seen with my eyes.
To see the pics, watch the movies and read my stories in German please refer to the German Blog by clicking the corresponding language botton top left corner, thanks.

I look forward to your comments, input and inspiration.

Stay tuned,
Michael Diehl