Rent photo studio near Stuttgart

In contrast to a usually rather plain and simple photo studio or rental studio, the approximately 280 square meter studio of Michael Diehl in the listed BRASTBERGER HAUS in Esslingen near Stuttgart serves as a versatile indoor location. This includes modern and extensively usable premises with many photographically usable stylish nooks and angles, whereby also directly around the house one or the other beautiful “small location” is to be found. The pure usable studio area is about 150 square meters.
The photo studio also has a stage that can be walked on from the studio area, with a total usable width of 4.5 m, a height of 80 cm and a depth of 4 m. It is equipped with a large sliding frosted glass back wall, which can be illuminated from behind in all colors, shapes and patterns via gobos. Total width is 2.80 m, with height of 2.40 m. This frosted glass back wall can also be used with a black semi-darkening blind.
The entire studio floor as well as the stage floor is made of white semi-gloss acrylic resin lacquer, which provides great, slightly reflective effects on the model, e.g. for fashion shoots.

Furthermore, there is a separate, portable black back wall with 28 built-in, movable and dimmable daylight LED spots. Dimensions: 2.40 m /1.25 m.

The studio itself has a room height of 3.20 m and is equipped with large windows on both long sides, which are mirrored opaque from the outside, but of course can also be completely darkened from the inside with white blinds.

In addition to the actual studio, other extras are available, these include:

– a separate styling room with mirror
– movable clothes racks
– ironing board and iron
– an extra room with:
• 2 makeup stations incl. daylight illumination
• 1 large mirror for hair & makeup
– a large comfortable kitchen incl. best coffee machine, cooking facilities, large table with seats and a counter with bar stools
– spacious separate sanitary facilities for ladies and gentlemen

… and a large, beautiful upholstered garden bench directly outside the door in the sun for “creation finding breaks”.

The photo studio itself includes:

– Permanent lights with Bresser and Andoer, also with head lights on tripods.
– HENSEL flash light with 5x Expert 500 / 1x Integra 600 / 2x Spot 3000 / 1x Maxi Flooder
– ring light
– corresponding tripods also for headlights / Manfrotto Monoball camera tripod
– softboxes / Quenox umbrella with 2m ø / reflectors / scrims
– LED daylight panels built into the studio ceiling (can be switched on crosswise in series)
– usual colors of paper rolls with corresponding hangers
– playful and fancy background fabrics, -volants, -door curtains, molton
– fans / wind machine / stools / ladders
– 5 self-standing shiny corrugated aluminum sheets 2.5 m high and 1.15 m wide as photo backgrounds
– hemispherical plexiglass chair with 4 distributed suspension points on the studio ceiling
– Sofas, armchairs, etc.
– SONOS music system, as well as normal multiple CD player
– Wlan is a matter of course

You not only can book the photo studio, but on request and for an additional charge, various services with freelancers for each individual customer project:
Organization for photo and film castings, models, hair & makeup artists, styling artists, “making of” with photo and/or film, photo/film assistants, graphic designer-, runner-, catering service, etc.
The bright premises are ideally suited for photo productions, castings, workshops, seminars, presentation events, etc. The photo studio can also be booked as a short-term showroom for fashion collections, fittings and the like.

The studio is absolutely corona compliant with the best air hygiene filters and disinfection equipment.

Directions to the rental studio near Stuttgart

The professionally equipped photo studio near Stuttgart, on the outskirts of the city center of Esslingen, is conveniently located in the BRASTBERGER HAUS, in Plochinger Str. 102 (Oberesslingen). The rental studio can be reached via the B10 federal highway to and from Stuttgart, as well as via the B10 / B313 feeder road, directly to and from the A8 Munich-Karlsruhe by the shortest route. You will find sufficient own parking spaces next to the access roads and also directly at the long side of the photo studio.

The train station Oberesslingen (1 stop after/before main station Esslingen) is only about 200 m away from the entrance of the photo studio and the bus stop (Oberessl.-Indexstr./-Bahnhof) of the Esslingen VVS is directly in front of the house.

How much does it cost to rent the photo studio?

Costs incl. equipment and final cleaning (all prices net, plus VAT).

Pure studio booking and use 1/1 day: 500,00 €
Pure studio booking and use 1/2 day: 300,00 €

Overtime – also for assembly and disassembly – will be handled generously upon agreement.

Consultation and questions cost nothing for the time being ;-)!

For further questions I am available at any time by phone at +49 711 / 35 44 01, by mail to or via my contact form.

See you soon in person!